AI Assistant for

How much time do you spend googling for steps to configure your infrastructure or a one-liner script to make a change? Do you have too many cheat sheets to keep track of?

Get detailed answers within seconds with AdminPatron.

Use Cases


Network Engineers

Generate a specific access-list in that pesky format, or ask for the configuration of a new BGP or OSPF routing domain.

PowerShell Scripts

Ask for a PowerShell script that gets all Virtual Machines with a specific name, and change their specifications. Done.

Cloud Admins

Which steps were needed to connect two AWS VPC networks again? Or how do I open a port forward on an existing Kubernetes pod?

Example Questions

Here are some example questions that you can ask AdminPatron, listed for inspiration. Possible questions are only limited to the imagination. You should include as many details as possible for a good result.

  • Write an Juniper SRX firewall policy that allows http and https to and blocks the rest
  • Give me Cisco Nexus configuration to set up a BGP domain with AS1234, announcing subnet
  • Write an Cisco IOS access list that allows http, nfs, dns, and blocks the rest
  • Give me the API call to Cisco ACI that creates a VLAN


This service is based on the AI system called GPT-3 from OpenAI and costs money to operate. New accounts get 5 free questions, after which you can purchase additional of questions for $ 0.10 each.

There are 3 bundles: 50 questions for $5, 100 for $10, and 200 for $20.